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Anonymous asked: fic prompt: sterek childhood friends


Oh my God, anon, I am so sorry. I finished this weeks ago (months? I know it was well before my surgery) and forgot to post it. I hope you’re still in the fandom!

Little Dumplings

(Contains: Bullying. Physical altercations. Mention of panic attacks. Little kids being dicks to each other, as they do.)

Stiles loved school, okay? Jackson insisted it wasn’t real school, but Stiles knew better. School was where you went during the day while your parents were at work, and teachers gave you things to do, and you learned stuff, and you made pictures to hang on the refrigerator at home. Stiles definitely went to school.

Jackson was probably just being annoying on purpose anyway, because it was called Little Dumplings Pre-School. It was right there in the name.

And Stiles looked forward to going there every day, because there was always lots of fun stuff to do, and a playground with a swingset and a sandbox, and Miss Blake didn’t get mad at him when he got the fidgets. And he got to spend all day with Scott.

Scott was Stiles’ best friend at school, and also his best friend outside of school, because their parents were friends, too. Scott and Stiles had sleepovers and everything, even though they were only four years old. No one else in their class had had a sleepover yet. Stiles liked to brag about it.

Even if they weren’t mature enough for sleepovers yet, everyone else in class had a best friend, too. Jackson had Danny, Lydia had Allison. Boyd and Erica and Isaac were all best friends together, which was unconventional, but who was Stiles to judge.

They spent their days playing games Miss Blake taught them, and taking naps on their squishy mats, and learning how to write their names and how to count things. Sometimes they argued over toys until Miss Blake reminded them they had to share, and sometimes someone (Jackson) cried over who got a bigger cookie at snack time, but for the most part, they all got along. It was very peaceful and fun.

Until Derek Hale showed up.

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You know what would have been cool? The last cipher being either ‘John’ -for the Sheriff obviously- with Lydia looking like ‘that could be anyone!’ and Stiles starting to freak, OR the cipher being the most unpronounceable Polish/Scottish/Welsh name ever (even Polish/Scottish/Welsh ppl have problems saying it) and Stiles looking resigned, but Lydia is the one to freak this time, because she obviously knows Stiles’ real name, because she’s Lydia, duh. That name is not and will never be Genim, because there’s nothing difficult about pronouncing that name, even if there’s a secret pronunciation only for ppl in the know. Who even came up with that? Is that our Caitlyn on the list? Only, you know, spelled differently? They put EVERYONE on the list! Well, almost.

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